Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Simple And To The Point

Sometimes the most simple designs turn out to be the best.  I have learned over time and experience to never over think a design but to keep it simple and keep it me.  The moment I try to design and build something that is not me it tends to crash and burn, smile.

This shelf was made to let the raw materials do the talking.  The wood for the top was salvage hard wood and it was cut to size and given a light sand.  I left it with a rough look but not rough feel condition.  The brackets used for this shelf are steel salvaged from an old barn.  I cut the pieces to size with a grinder, removed the extra bars leaving one bar to hold the shelf.  The top of the steel bracket was notched into the wood and screwed in from the back.  The rough steel was cleaned up a little with a steel brush leaving the old paint still on the steel.  

I really love the rustic / industrial finish of this shelf.  The finish of this shelf makes it suitable for many different rooms and styles.  It has nice clean lines and tons of character.

This blog post is just like the content that it is about....
Simple and to the point.


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