Friday, August 16, 2013

Stumpy Twins

We would like to introduce you to the 'stumpy twins'.  These two beauty's are made out of maple and were originally meant to be matching for the customer but the order was changed and they only wanted 1 instead of 2.  So, we created 2 different styles of stump side tables so they could choose which one they wanted.  

Firstly, both tables were lifted off the ground, using wood, to allow them to air dry nicely.  This will prevent them from cracking during the temperature and humidity changes in canada.  The first table below is the table that the customer went with and it was given a more cottage rustic feel.  The folks who purchased this table were expecting their first child so they had it personalized with a 'J' for the babies name.  On the back of the table the year was carved in roman numerals.  This table got planned with an electric planner to get the top nice and flat and to round the edges.  Once it was planned it got a good sand.  The bark was removed from the sides prior to drying them out so it too got a nice sand.  Once it was ready for finishing we mixed up some epoxy and hit the tops of the tables with it.  After, the top got 3 coats of satin varnish while the sides got 2 coats.  

The second table followed the same routine but instead of rounding the edges we left them with more of a modern rustic feel with nice clean lines.  

It is always so nice when you can perceive the natural beauty around you and be able to preserve it in a fun and useful way.  These two tables have a unique beauty about them and are a lasting addition to any family home.

Stumply Beautiful :)

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