Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year, New Adventures!

OK, so it's a new year and Christmas is over (finally! hahahaha) Don't get me wrong,  I love making wreaths and ornaments at every waking hour, it's actually awesome ( and thank you to everyone who ordered from us by the way).... 
but it is nice to be able to start on some new projects.   

We really have a lot of ideas that we want to try.   One in particular that has turned out rather well is a giant ruler growth chart.  In our parents house we have a beam that we have always measured all the family members heights on.  It always brings back lots of memories to look and see how everyone has grown and think about what we were doing when we were measured.  It occurred to us that if the house was ever sold we would lose all of those precious memories, hence the portable growth chart!  

The design is based on an antique ruler.   Made from Canadian pine, the edges are bevelled and sanded smooth.  The wood is antiqued with different stains and made to look like it's small counterpart ( no detail was overlooked!).  All of the numbers and lines are hand painted, no stencils!  

This particular ruler was made as a gift for a lovely young family who are currently renting their home and have two small boys ( who are growing fast!).  Their family name was painted along the centre and their wedding date added.  The growth chart was then finished with a coat of gloss to protect the paint but still allow for marks to be made.  Hung at 6 inches off the ground, this ruler can measure someone up to a height of 6 and a half feet.  It can, however, be made to accommodate a taller person 
(should you have basketball players for children).  


 We hope you all enjoy our newest product and we look forward to sharing more items with you very soon!

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