Monday, December 17, 2012

Functional Art

The busyness of Christmas has descended upon us and we are feeling more and more like santa’s elves. Between shipping items, filling orders, keeping stores stocked, doing exhibits and baking we are quite ready for Christmas family festivities to begin.

This weeks post is a sweet coat rack that we designed and built, an idea we are excited to expand upon in the future.  We absolutely love using natural materials, finding the beauty in those materials and using them in projects that magnify its beauty.  This coat rack came about when we were on our apple wood binge a few months ago.  The three racks in the middle are apple wood branches and the frame of the coat rack is pine.  I love how the branches have curls and twirls with a rustic feel and the pine frame has nice clean lines, the contrast is really nice.  Once the coat rack was put together and the glue was dried the whole rack received a coat of varnish.  This particular coat rack has three main hooks that can be used for hanging with a couple smaller knotty hooks that can be used as well.

This item is perfect to hang by the front door or even in your bedroom.  It is a flexible piece that looks good pretty much anywhere you want to put it.  The fun thing about the pieces that we make is that they are not only functional but they are pieces of art that add to a house or room or wall.  

Functional Art.

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