Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Table With A Story

This is newest member of our table family!  

This table was so nice that I made it twice.  I made a table very similar to this one for a customer last week and another customer saw it in the shop and wanted one as well :)

The concept for this table was to keep it simple and let the wood do the talking.  The wood used for this table is re-claimed barn wood that I picked up at a local mill called 'Century Mill'.  They carry all types of species of hard and soft woods found locally and internationally.  If you ever get a chance stop by and check them out.  

The table top is made out of 2 big boards running down the middle and 2 smaller ones on the outside.  Because the top is reclaimed and it was a little rough after planning and sanding it received about 5-6 coats of satin finish after a coat of stain.  The more coats the smoother it gets without loosing the character of the wood.  The legs of this table got a light sand and 1 coat of varnish.  I really like keeping the legs to this type of table more rough as it suites the overall style.  

A table like this really does speak for itself, almost as if it tells a story.  The wood grain and the slight imperfections from wear over time make it truly one of a kind not matter how many you make.  

A table with a story!

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