Sunday, March 3, 2013

Functional Eye Candy

Each table or piece of art that you create carries with it a little piece of yourself.  I'm not one to be sentimental when saying goodbye to a piece of furniture but it does stir something up seeing it go :)

This table was made for a customer who was not exactly sure what they wanted so I drew a couple conceptual drawings for her and this idea won out in the end.  I wanted to find a door that was neutral in color with lots of character and layers beneath.   

The door was cut on a 45 degree angle and then joined with a biscuit joiner to form one of the legs creating the look of a continuous door.  The other leg of the table is a salvaged piece of steel from an old local barn which also doubles as a magazine rack.  We matched the paint color on the door to touch up areas and blend others.  Then we sanded certain parts of the table to give it more character and to make those area's stand out more.  There is a fine line when sanding old reclaimed material, especially painted material.  You want to sand it enough but too much and you can't go back.  Once we had it just right we gave the whole thing 2 coats of lacquer to protect it for years of use.  The lacquer not only protects the table but gives it a glossy finish that make the detail and character stand out more.  

Some creations you make you love more than others.  Some you love instantly and others you gradually fall in love with.  We found with this table that the more we walked around it and looked at it the more we loved it.    

Functional eye candy :)

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