Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Perfectly Unique

This past summer we build a shelf that soon became one of the more popular items in our Etsy store.  It received many views and favorites and a couple weeks ago was featured on the Etsy home page before being sold.  We love designing and making one of a kind items and it is always so fun to create something that you have created before but in a different way.  

A couple weeks ago I spent the day designing and making a few different shelving units that are unique in their own way, yet inspired by previous designs.  The wood used for this shelf is re-claimed and was quite a mess before I started on it.  It was really bowed, more than normal, so I took it to the planner.  The idea for this shelf was to plane enough to remove the bow but not enough to lose all of the rustic natural feel.  The brackets for this shelf are 4 x 4 barn beams that I cut on a 45 degree angle.  Running between the brackets is a steel rod that was salvaged from an old barn.  I sanded the rod down to clean it up but instead of painting it I left it with its original rusty look.  I attached the barn beam brackets to the shelf top using wood screws and glue.  I pre-drilled and counter sunk the screws and then used a lighter wood as wood plugs to create a nice contrast.  The top of the shelf got a good sand and the brackets a light sand.  

I didn't put any finishing products on this shelf but left it in its natural beauty.  I love using stains and finishing products but they are to wood like make up is to a woman, there is nothing wrong with it but if you use it all the time then you lose sight of the real beauty. 

 No one is perfect and no piece of wood is perfect either.  Maybe its the imperfections of something that make that something perfectly unique.  

Perfectly Unique :)

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