Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Card Holder

It's been a few weeks since our last post.  As I was looking over the last few weeks it is hard to decide what to post about because we have been doing many jobs at once.  I thought that I would show off one of the many products that we designed and made for 'Life is Good' on Main Street.  

'Life is Good' on Main Street is a clothing store that also sells posters and cards which we have had the privilege of working with in designing holders and frames for.  

This specific card holder was made for the 'Life is Good' recycled holstee cards.  It is made of 2 different pieces of reclaimed barn wood that were cut on the same angles.  The faces of the wood were run through the table saw to create a channel for the cards to sit.  One of the pieces was then flipped onto its side to sit higher and make a two tier holder.  3 carriage bolts were used to secure the two pieces of wood together and it also gives it a really nice look.  The whole piece received a coat of varnish to seal it and to keep any dirt and dust from getting onto the stores product.  The length of this holder is approx. 5 feet in length making it able to hold lots of product whether used in the store or at shows.  

'Life is Good' on Main Street uses many reclaimed materials in their store displays as well as some of their products.  We have found our styles to fit together nicely and compliment each other really well.   

Check out 'Life is Good' on Main Street and see some fun display units and some fun great products.

Life is Good :)

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