Monday, July 15, 2013

Canada Day Show!

On July 1st we had such a blast joining in on the festivities on Main Street Newmarket as one of the many street vendors.  The whole street was shut down as thousands filled the streets for the day to celebrate our countries birthday.  There was food, dancing, music and many cool vendors to visit and check out.  

We focused on smaller unique hand made items for the day that were centered around the theme of the Canada.  Our tent was packed with canadiana products ranging from branch pens made from maple wood to pin wheels boasting our countries colors.  Everyone had a great time, young and old, with the night being topped off with fireworks that you could hear miles away.  

Thank You to everyone who came out to support us and also a big thank you to those who organized the day, it was a big success. 

Happy Birthday Canada!

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