Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Musical Beauty

I absolutely love this idea and how it turned out.  This room was an office in our house but when Jessica and I found out we were pregnant it quickly became the nursery.  I wish I could take credit for this cool idea but it was all my wife's idea.  She thought of it well before we were pregnant while the room was still an office.  

This room is not a huge room by any step but has big beautiful french doors and another window facing west so there is always loads of natural light.  Since we did not know if the baby would be a boy or girl we painted it a neutral color on the 3 walls and left the 4th wall for the hymn sheets.  The hymn sheets used for this wall are from antique hymn books that we salvaged from an old local church.  Each sheet was cut out and trimmed to size.  We used a wall paper adhesive, that you can get from home depot, and started from the top left hand corner.  We worked our way from up to down and left to right.    In total we used almost 2 whole hymn books.  We took the more popular hymns and ones that were special to us and placed them at eye level, the rest we spread throughout the wall.  The adhesive dries fairly quick so we applied it individually to each sheet using a paint brush.  My wife was the one laying the sheets on the wall.  She kept such a straight line, all by eye, amazing. 

Every person that comes to our house can't help but stare at this wall, as it is the perfect compliment to the rest of the room.  Not only does it look beautiful but it is also meaningful.

Musical Beauty! 

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